Availability of infrastructure



  1. AC resource room with 60 padded chairs
  1. TV TATA sky connection
  2. Two computers one with internet connection
  3. OHP machine
  4. Photostat machine-1
  5. LCD Projector – 1
  6. CDs –E tutor, Edurite

CAL/TAL classes taken as per time table

  1. Film show room with 60 seats
  1. TV – 1
  2. DVD Player – 1
  3. Film CDs

Once in a month for each class as per the schedule prepared.

  1. Teaching Aid room

Equipped with Teaching Aid materials in all subjects

Purchase is done as per requirements

  1. Reading Room

Periodicals, newspapers and manuscripts, magazines are provided and monitored by readers club

Readers club activity are being done systematically

  1. Sports material

Foot ball, skipping rope, Ludo, Tennis cort-rings


  1. Library boxes and sufficient number of books

Separate boxes are provided to classes IV & V

Library periods are utilized


3 (b)


CMP Activities




Film shows

Once in a month for each class




Destination planned for each class. Excursions Planned for the month of May was conducted. Next Programme starts from October onwards



News letter

Newsletter (Rainbow) for I quarter is already prepared and sent to KV



TLM materials

Rs 5000 per month is spent towards TLM as per the demand from teachers



Cluster level sports

To be conducted as per academic calendar of activities



CCA activities

Planned for year 2012-13 and conducted systematically

Conducted on every Friday I period


Teaching and learning materials purchased and their utilization

Purchased every month as per demand and utilized properly in the class by teachers and students for various teaching-learning activities.


Minutes of the Calicut Cluster level C M P Meeting on 17-08-09

held at K V No I Calicut


The following Principals attended the first C M P Meeting for the Year 2009-10

1.    Mrs. Maya George,Principal K V No.I Calicut

2.    Mrs Sashikala, Principal K V No.II Calicut

3.    Mr.Varadarajalu,Principal ,K V Ottappalam

4.    Mr.Nampoothiri ,Principal,K V Malapuram

5.    Mr.Rajappan,Principal,K V Mahi

6.    Mrs. S Nalayini Principal KV Thrissur

7.    Head Mistress KV No.1 CalicutThe meeting started with a discussion on the points mentioned in the circular of H.Q on CMP …

1. Use of TLM

Teaching aids, stationary items, worksheets, items required for art and craft classes, CD’s, DVD’s etc are purchased and used effectively. It is instructed that the proper use of TLM is to be checked by the HM/Principal during the class observation and it has to be recorded

2. High duty photo copier has been purchased by all the Vidyalaya’s and used resourcefully. It is requested that a record may be maintained for the use of photocopier.

3.Equipping Resource Room

All the Vidyalayas have equipped the resource room with OHP, Colour TV, computer,LCD, White Board etc. KV No.2 Calicut and KV Mahi are yet to purchase an LCD separately for primary children.


4.Class Library

All Vidyalayas are instructed to go ahead purchasing new books for this year. Also it is suggested that students of Class IV & V to maintain book review notebook. During the class observation H M will include in her report the the points like issue of Books to the children, purchase of new books and to motivate the children to speak in Hindi and English only.


5.Class Observation

The class observation done by the H M should shown to the Principal everyday for signature and further action.The observation report should include involvement of the Class in C C A and other activities .Principals are requested to observe minimum of 5 classes in a month.


6.Evaluation of Session Ending Papers

The Re - evaluation of Session Ending Papers of Classes III to V was completed in June .Report on the Analysis of evaluation in the Subject E V S.1.    Oral Marks were not allotted separately in the answer papers of     K V No.II  Calicut. It was added with marks of different competencies 2.    The Value points for group activities will be 25 instead of 103.    The Pictures given for observation were not clear

Report on the Analysis of evaluation in the Subject Maths.

1.         No  major mistakes found.

Report on the Analysis of evaluation in the Subject Hindi.

1      Handwriting competency was not attempted but value point and grade were given based on the handwriting of the students

Report on the Analysis of evaluation in the Subject English.

1.    Reading Passage was found to be too long in Class V English Question Paper in case of No I Calicut Shift II.

2.    Two composition questions of 5 marks are to be given in Class IV in case of K V Ottappalam

3.    In case of K V Mahi ,the question paper of Class V was found to be too short for a duration 2 Hours(Duration is not mentioned in the question paper).


Since 3 day Inservice Course was conducted by K V S Regional Office for all new entrants and 50 % of regular employees .It is felt that a separate workshop at cluster level is not required at this state.

8.Time Table

As per instructions block periods are allotted in the Time Table for each subjects and for conducting C C A.

9.C C A

Co-Curricular Activities are planned for whole Year and conducted once in a Week in befitting manner. Prizes are given to all Children for encouraging them

10.Health Check Up

All Vidyalayas are requested to take up Health Check up and complete before 31-08-09


11.Celebration of Grant Parents Day

It is noted that all Vidyalayas of this Cluster has completed the celebration of Grant Parents Day as per the Schedule.


12.Community Lunch

It is proposed that organizing Community Lunch can be taken up after few months due to the spread of Swine Flu .


13.Cluster Level Competitions

It is proposed to conduct Cluster Level Sports Events instead of Co-Curricular Activities.Following are the events decided

No of Participants Class III Class IV Class V
Three 50 Mts Race 50 Mts Race 50 Mts Race
Three Cricket Ball throw Cricket Ball throw Cricket Ball throw
Three Lemon & Spoon Race Sack Race Three legged Race
Three Getting Ready to School Skipping for GirlsThrowing Ball in the Basket for Boys Skipping for GirlsThrowing Ball in the Basket for Boys


In total 12 Students from each class can participate and a child can participate in not  more than two events.,hence the total no of participants from each Vidyalaya will be 36 with three escorts and a Physical Education teacher.

Date            : 13/11/2009

Venue          :K V  No I Calicut will be the incharge for

conducting   the events for K V No.II

Calicut,Mahi, No I Calicut (Shift I & II)

:K V  Thrissur will be the incharge for conducting                           the events for K VMalappuram,Ottappalam &                           Thrissur


All Vidyalayas wil take up educational Excursion soon after the Monsoon gets over ie, after September

2.Film Shows

All Vidyalayas have procured sufficient CD’s and D V D’s for organizing Film Shows and it is going on very well once in a fortnight

3.Contribution to News Letter

Like last Year Vidyalayas are requested to contribute news materials for publishing in ‘PALLAV ‘,it is suggested to inform the coordinator who is editing the news letter to send at least 5 copies of news letter to all the Vidyalayas to display in the class rooms (As decided in the Principals Conference)

To Create an enabling environment for Child inspired learning the primary teachers are instructed not to practice i) rote learning ii) corporal punishment, iii) discrimination against any child based on their sex,caste,creed and religion. All efforts should be made to enable the child to acquire the proficiency in Hindi and English Language.

All Principals are requested to convene a meeting with the help of Headmistress  on or before 22/08/2009 and highlight the above points and follow in letter and spirit.


Cubs and Bulbuls,Scouts and Guides  activities

All Vidyalayas have completed the in vesture ceremony and planned the activities for the year 2009-10The Year plan prepared will be sent at the earliest by K V Thrissur

All the Principals participated actively in the discussion and the meeting came to an end with the proposal of Thanks to every one.



Copy to:Dr. K Usha Rani,EO (Incharge C M P.)

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