Games & Sports

2016- 17

We had tremendous achievements in sports and games. Our boys and girls were winners

at the Regional Level in Volleyball(Girls) and Basketball(Girls) in U-14 category.

The U-14 Basketball (girls) team were winners andU-14 Volley ball(girls) team were runners

at the National Level.

65 students were selected for various games and events for the

KVS National Meet, 2016

Gautham.S.Nair of Class XI secured Gold in shooting with a cash award of


Goutham S.Nair class XI  secured the 3rd position in  Shooting in  SGFI

with a cash award of Rs 10,000/

It is worthwhile to mention that Master. Goutham S Nair has been nominated

for International Shooting Federation ( ISF)

In Badminton Devananda of class VII secured 2nd position at KVS National meet

with a  cash award of Rs3000.

Our students also received silver medals in  Skating, Judo, and Yoga.

11 boys and girls were selected for School Games Federation of India(SGFI). 

Result of KVS National Competitions 2016

1 Basket ball U14 Girls (12) Winners Cash of 5000 each 
2 Volleyball U14 Girls(12) Runners Cash of 3000 each
3 Basket ball U19 Girls(6) Entered Qtr Final  
4 Volleyball U19 Boys(5) Third Cash of 2000 each
5 Volleyball U19 Girls(5) Third Cash of 2000 each
6 Volleyball U14 Boys Winners  

Result of Regional Competitions 2016
1 Volleyball U14 Boys Winners  
2 Volleyball U14 Girls Winners  
3 Basket ball U14 Girls Winners  
4 Volleyball U19 Boys Winners 9 Boys
5 Volleyball U19 Girls Winners 6 Girls
6 Basket ball U19 Girls Winners 7 Girls

Results Of Cluster Competitions 2016
1 Volleyball U14 Boys Winners
2 Volleyball U14 Girls Winners
3 Volleyball U19 Boys Winners
4 Volleyball U19 Girls Winners
5 Basket ball U14 Girls Winners
6 Basket ball U19 Girls Winners
7 Football U19 Boys Runners


Cluster Level

Winners – Basket Ball Girls (U19,U14 )

Volley Ball Girls (U19,U14 )

Foot Ball Boys (U19)

Regional Level

Individual Events :

Shooting  U19  Gold

Skating  U17  Gold

Chess  U19  Silver

Table Tennis  U19  Silver

Chess  U14   Gold

Skating U14   Gold, Silver

Team Events :

Foot Ball – 4 Boys Selected

Basket Ball Girls  Winners (U19, U14)

Volley Ball Girls Winners (U19,U14 )

Volley Ball Boys Winners (U19,U14 )

National Level

Volley Ball – Boys U14  - 6 selected

– Boys U19  - 7 selected

– Girls U14  - 4 selected

– Girls U19  - 6 selected

Basket Ball – Girls U19 – 5 selected

Girls U14 – 6 selected

Boys U14 – 1 selected

FootBall -     Boys U14 – 2 selected

Boys U19 – 4 selected

SGFI 2014

Master Sidharth Nair in VolleyBall

Miss Sreeshma Gopal   in Judo


Conducted Cluster level , Regional level Volley Ball Matches. Conducting pre- National Coaching Camp


Master Sidharth A Nair of Class XI B participated in the 60th National Games in

Volley Ball representing Ernakulam Region.

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